Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cerita tentang tujuh

As I promised myself to put this in record, I would like to tell a story on how I love to weight 70s.. I was fat as a kid since standard 4.

To be true, I don't think there's any state of my life that I would consider myself as slim/thin. Putting my elder sister as a bench mark. I was always bigger than her since we were born.

As what most kids probably behave, weight had never be my concern until I reach 13 or 14 years old. And I started to think about it, only when I fall for someone who always teased me for being overweight. I'm not sure if that has affected me in any ways.

But then I can still remember that I weighted 68kgs with the height around 160cm when I was 13 years old. Slightly overweight. Then busy with study and many others.. ;) I have never weight myself after that.

In between, I sat for PMR, went to technical school and stayed in the hostel. Surely enough as you can tell by seeing me now, living in a hostel has never leave me starving. But seriously, for certain reasons I have never interested in climbing up on the weight scale.

When I was 18 years old, I enrolled to UiTM. It was a bit scary to me seeing every other girls except me looked so feminine and charming. And that was when I started to care on how I look.

I Weight in myself as soon as I encountered any scale machine in the shopping mall and guess what, my weight was an even 86 kgs. First thing on my mind, it can't be it. Last I check I was still 60s.... There must be something wrong somewhere and I tried almost all the ther scales in the mall which gave me more or less the same result.

Where the hell is 70s? How can I jumped from 60s to 80s without my even realizing it? This is really scary. And that was when I decided to board on my first weight lose journey.

And as you can tell, I have yet reach my destination. So far my best record was just 80kgs odd. Lose about 6kgs plus. I know its pathetic and its frustrated me when my weight yo-yoing up again after I managed to lose some kgs.

But today, I can sense the different. I believe I will make it this time... Just because, this is the first time in my life that I went on the scale machine and saw 70kgs +++...

Yerp I am TERIBBLY happy and can't wait to see another 70s tomorrow. Thanks to CYC organizer. Your flexibility and understanding has been keeping me on track. :)


amaniammar said...

ms. keli.. x pe..tahniah buat anda..
so harap u'll keep on track..
kita bersama-sama cegah Obesiti di Malaysia..hidup ke arah kehidupan yg sihat dan ceria.

Ms^Keli said...

Hehe.. Thanks Amani! :) Happy sesangat dapat reach 70s and I'll do what it takes to not see 80s again.. :))

CYC gak erk? Leh drop kan blog link? Thanks.