Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 Days to Canberra Half Marathon

Remember the Half Marathon that I registered for 2 months back? Yeah it's now around the corner. 5 days to go and I will be able to figure out whether I walk my talk or simply full of hot air. I have been doing as much training as I could (or 'as I feel like doing' precisely~). Honestly, I was determined at first and ran 5km three times a week for the first two week.

Then back to usual, priority towards assignment and classes has taken my enthusiasm away and I hang my training shoes for almost a month. I keep wondering whether this study thingy will be my excuses for not loosing weight forever or it is inevitable and very real. My good-self will pick the later but I think people around me or Abang Keli would say otherwise. "It's just one of your million excuses, and it works terrific most of the time," this is what I THINK he would say. Haha.

Maybe this is true - I'm using academic commitment as my safety shield as no one dare to say it is second to loosing weight. Ya anyway, it's now term break and I guess no more REASONS or excuses should be given for not doing my training. Oh actually there is one. People says few days before the Marathon you shouldn't do much running because it may effect your performance on the day itself. But I have to say this is bullshit in my case. Without adequate or minimal training I might as well say bye bye to the half marathon itself. I don't think I can run more than 5km in the stage that I was.

So long story short, I started back my training last week. Funny, I actually ran 28km the whole one week (I considered it is run since my average speed is 7.5km/hour). More than I actually ever run in my whole lifetime!!!. 1st day 5km, 3rd day 10km, and 6th day 13km (today!). The power of goal people. You won't do anything for nothing. But you would do everything for something. Meaning to say for my mission to finish the 21km Half Marathon within 3 hours, I actually drag my but to gym and run with my heavy lazy body.

This is so much different from my first day running my 5k when on my way back from the gym I felt like floating, wanted to vomit all the way, my hand shaking and I passed off immediately after I reached home. But today after 13km I'm feeling fresh and still sitting here mumbling in my dear blog and planning to do some assignment after. The legs are painful though. I'm feeling really good and more optimist after I did the 13km. I know the Half marathon will be 21km but if I can do 13km, insyaallah another 8km would not be a problem. Insyaallah.

My last resort is to walk/crawl to the finish line. If I can't do it within 3 hours that's alright I forgive my self and will add extra 30 minutes to that. To finish is the mission. The only mission! =D

Foot note: I only lost 4 kgs since I started training last 1 and half month. But I swear I ate a lot of chocolates, rice and kebabs! ;P