Monday, February 27, 2012

19 days Atkins

For the next 19 days I will be doing Atkins again. :) Actually looking forward to something special after the next 19 days. Not the big day. Not yet. Thank god I still have at least 8 months to play around before the wedding.

Herm back to Atkins. The last time I did this diet I managed to lost 3KGs in a week. It was awesome. But if I can recall, after that the weight seems to be stagnant for a while and I decided to stop. No harm giving this a second try because I have got the prove that it's actually works!

But this time lets just give it a 19 days as for the beginning. I will be happy if I can lose 6 or 7? Yeah those are good numbers. Before that I really need to address the challenges that I was facing the last time I did the diet, which were also among the key factors of me quitting.

1) Atkins food price
- Food is quite expensive. U know like chicken, meat and fish. To buy the raw meat is quite troublesome here but with decent price while to get the cooked food from restaurant is even painful to the pocket.
2) Food contribute to constipation
- I should actually put this on top. There was one time I spend almost an hour crying in the toilet. [No further explanation necessary].
3) Lack of sugar or carbo leave me fatigue
- After few days in the diet, climbing up two levels of stairs in my residential house feels like really a lot of work. Sometimes I'm shivering and having trouble to deal with sugar lose.

So these three are among the top reasons that I still remember. However, throughout the sweet (when I lose the weight) and painful (when u I'm having the constipation e.g.) of the diet, i have actually manage to figured out few solutions to the above factors.

I can take eggs as my main food because it's cheaper than the rest of the options. Eating raw spinach (allowed in the diet) definitely help with my constipation) and taking vitamin B or multivitamin may help a little bit in the nutrition lose (this one is not clearly seen though). So yeah, for the next 19 days, let's do this.


eynda said...

Akak takleh buat atkins... kurang sabar hehe...

Ms^Keli said...

Samerlah sini pown. Susah juge Atkins ni. Walaupun leh makan ayam sumer. Fening2x..