Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm back! Not my intention to escape from the training but I just got a new casual job very physically demanding. Plus with my current situation which still under the debt of nazar fasting, I totally passed off after work until I broke fast. Therefore for the past 8 days no training. None.

I made a comeback today. Since I had only one class in the evening and no work at all. Today is the right time to give it another shot I told my self. Yeah and I did another 5K today! Yahuuuu (asyik2 5K, macam mane nak run 20k half marathon?, keje tuhan :P)

Luckily I haven't loose my fitness (fitness lah sangat kan) and keep improing my record. So today I did the 5K in 38 minutes and 31 seconds. :D Kudos MS KELI! U r the man!! Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Maybe because today I was accompanied by a friend and indirectly the body co-operate well, nak tunjuk hebatlah sangat. Agaknyer. Hahaha.. Last2 orang tu run 10km/hour - 12km/hour, aku run 9km/hour jerk.

Ha that's ok. Good thing came out of it. I improved my record by a minute! :D Every small milestone counts ok. None will be neglected. I appreciate you strong body, strong mind. Please keep it that way until we reach our ultimate goal of running 21k ya.